Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Great British Hobbit League


League Rules:
1. Registration
To register all you have to do is enter one of the tournaments. The results will be sent to the league. You do not have to register with your name, a nickname is fine, as long as people know who you are. The results will normally be published in an excel spreadsheet attached to a post on http://www.thelastalliance.com ; http://www.one-ring.co.uk and the LotR Championships Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/472128942815892/

2. Tournaments
As of 21st February there are 2 tournaments which will count towards the league.
a) Close Encounters of the 3rd Age , 24th March, London. Link: http://www.facebook.com/events/328869117214540/ viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6272
b) Grand Hobbit Championships, 20-21 April, Stockport. Link: http://www.facebook.com/events/196624337149140/?fref=ts viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6161

Potential additions at the moment are:
c) Another tournament like in a) in London later in the year
d) Another 2-day tournament in Stockport around September/October

To enter a tournament into the league you must notify the league at least 1 month in advance to allow players to prepare travel, accommodation, holidays, armies, etc.
Each tournament has its own outlined rules and as of today there are no specific restrictions other than the smallest number of points being 300 and the biggest 1000. Tournaments may be played with 1 army or 2, depending on the rules of each.

3. Ranking
The winner of each tournament is rewarded 100 points towards their league score and the average of BEST events in the year are counted for each player. The averages counted are below:
1 Tournament = 1 Average
2 Tournaments = 2 Average
3 Tournaments = 2 Average
4 Tournaments = 3 Average
5 Tournaments = 3 Average
6 Tournaments = 4 Average
7 Tournaments = 4 Average
8+ Tournaments = 5 Average

Points Scoring

The points towards the league are scored in the following manner:
Winner = 100
2nd = 100 – 1/X *100
3rd = 100 – 2/X *100
4th = 100 – 3/X *100
X is the number of players. Let’s assume there are 20 players at a tournament.
Winner receives 100
2nd receives 100 – 1/20 *100 = 100 – 5 = 95
3rd receives (based on the above) = 90

If there were 15 players:
Winner receives 100
2nd receives 100 – 1/15*100 = 100 – 6.66 = 94.4
3rd receives 86.7
Hope this makes sense

If a player attended a 2 day tournament (like the one in Stockport) and played only on 1 day, the following rules apply:
Players who have played only 1 day are tallied up, winner of these players receives 50 points and the rest are counted in the manner of 50 – 1/X*50, where X is the number of players who played on 1 day.
After that all players are tallied up into the main tournament group and receive points as normal. However, the players who have played only on 1 day do not receive any points on top of their initial 1-day score.
Updated rankings will be published in an Excel Spreadsheet in the League threads on http://www.thelastalliance.com ; http://www.one-ring.co.uk and The New UK Lord of the Rings Championships Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/472128942815892/

4. FAQ, Errata
The official FAQ and Errata release by Games Workshop stands as the overruling source for all debates.
The TLA Tournament FAQ (to be published soon and in preparation by Hixont, Matt-ShadowLord and BlackMist. Of course all contributions to it will be welcome once it's posted here) is the 2nd highest source of authority in the league.
If the above two have not cleared up the answers please ask a referee.
If a referee isn’t present please roll a dice, on 1-3 one player is right, on 4-6 the other. Subsequently send the question to hobbit.ukleague@gmail.com

Note: Please do not email the hobbit.ukleague@gmail.com address for now because I won't be checking it until the first tournament
This is a non-profit idea with a goal of bringing more players into the Hobbit SBG community within the UK.

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