Saturday, 9 March 2013

Reavers WIP (Update 09 March)

Finished 12 Reavers (or 11 and a Captain):


The Reavers are made of a mix of LotR Corsairs, LotR Wildmen of Dunland, LotR Berserkers, LotR bits (like Theoden's sword hand, Ghan Buri Ghan's spear hand, WFB Handgunners, WFB Flagellants, WFB other bits (swords, hats, feathers...). In general it's just a mix of a ton of random bits which I managed to collect over my 8 year career.

My modelling skills with GS are mediocre, but I'm trying to make it look alright...

Aragorn + Corsair + WFB's Giant's rug + random WFB barrell

Wildman of Dunland + Theoden + Ghan Buri Ghan + Random WFB head + WFB Flagellant

Corsair + Flagellant + Random Barrell
Still some hand trimming needed. 

Corsair + Flagellant + Boromir's Sword + Empire Enginner's head

Corsair + Wild Man of Dunland + Empire Steam Tank Enginner's left hand weapon
This one still needs to have the wave modelled under his board

                              UPDATE 25th JULY 2012

Some of the bits pulled out of my big bits box that are gonna be used to build the ship/display board afterwards or added to the models.

The Corsair Banner Bearer (Reavers can't have Banners, so this one will have to be F4 with 1 Attack :( )
The idea here is that the model on the left will be standing on top of a mast (his platform will be built) and the one on the right will be swinging around on a rope, holding it with left hand and in right holding a sword. Note lack of feet of the model on the right - to add an extra humour to the force he will have wooden legs for safe landing ;)
So far bits used: Corsairs, Flagellants, Handgunner head, Infantry banner, wire. 
This will take a lot more time to finish.

Corsair + Flagellant

Corsair + Flagellant + Infantry Head. 
Right arm seems slightly too big for my liking, then again these guys need to be strong :)

Corsair Captain as a Reaver

Another Corsair Captain as a Reaver. The bird comes from a Warhammer Giant kit I think.

Wild Man of Dunland with a Corsair sword and a little pouch.


Finally got a moment to paint a bit. Note that bases are not done because I'm planning to build a ship in the future and want the bases to fit in the same paint style as the ship will be. 

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