Sunday, 31 July 2011

2011 UK Doubles Photos

Simon Montgomery Grant wants YOU to come to the next GT!

Catsrule & Sorandilun

Paul and Jamie (The Newbie)

 Keithio the Green & his girlfriend

Team members of W Szczebrzeszynie Chrzaszcz Brzmi w Czcinie Hobbits (tricky to say, but also tricky to spell, as they made a mistake in the word before Hobbits :P )

Przemek "Hawk" Jastrzab

Referees... clearly on the side of forces of evil.

Round 1:

It took me all night to make this thing stand without breaking and falling apart... it also took James all night to paint the Arnorians above.

Ukrocky & Lotrchampion... not very satisfied how the game is going.

And Ukrocky being annoyed for having to play Lithorlorn (who in the past 3 singles GTs hasn't been outside of top 10!)

Catsrule & Sorandilum checking out our army lists...

Refs team

Hithero surrounded one of the markers in an effort to grab and secure the prize...

But he couldn't do anything about Blackmist rolling a 6 with his Fountain Guard and taking the prize himself...

That Fountain Guard got compelled 4 times in 5 turns from the moment of picking up the prize... truly controlled by the evil spirits.

Hithero working out another tactic which will become futile because of Blackmist's rolls...

Round 3:

Faramir in about 7 turns of combat against infantry: kills 3, burns all Might.
Gimli in about 7 turns of combat against infantry: kills 1, burns all Might, Fate and loses a Wound
Gothmog in the same time fighting cavalry: 8 kills, 1 Might used
Khamul at the same time fighting D7 infantry: 4 kills.

Round 4:

Posing for cinematic purposes...

Spider Queen got into combat with 1 wound remaining. Legolas with 0 Might failed twice to wound her. At the same time 2 Enrage Beasts from Druzhag failed to wound her. The 3rd Enrage beast managed to kill her... but when that happened Contest of Champions score was 11-0... oops :) Of course Druzhag, having attacked a supported elf with a few other goblins lost combat and died, losing our oath of killing D6 models with each hero (Druzhag had to kill 1!... he did kill the Spider Queen though O_o)

Playing a pro photographer with epic lighting on the evening of the first day...


What models do these people represent?

Put a tail on Bill the Pony's cousin


The winning "Tree" would get offended if you called it a tree and would find no curse in the tongues of men, elves or dwarves to say its feelings... but it's still a tree according to the refs! ;)


For Frodo! - Mighty Pippin (our Oath is to kill Pippin) slaughters the Spider Queen, who in the previous 2 turns killed  Boromir, Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf...

Where do we go now?

Never before seen in a top 10 GT appearance... the Necromancer used by the 2011 Doubles winners Tom & Harry.

Tell me that wasn't close...


Round 7 against the mighty Lithorlorn & Dan

Some action on table 1 in round 7:

Craig clearly pissed off after winning a game...

TLA Big Dog & his teammate (not sure which one's which?)

Where did Faramir come from?

Tom looks quite happy

Good luck in a married life Nick!

Best Painted Army nominees

Best Painted army winners

Shire Olympics Model Guessing Winners

Shire Olympics Eat-a-thon Winner(s)

Shire Olympics Pony Tail Winners

Shire Olympics Overall Winners!

Masters of Knowledge...

Oathkeeper Award (6 out of 8 Oaths secured)

Dark Lord Sauron Award

3rd Place (BlackMist & Hithero)

2nd Place (Przemyslaw & Konrad)

2011 Doubles Champions - Tom Moore & Harry (Hazer) Moore


  1. What lists were you guys using?

  2. Our good was:
    Khazads, Shields and Archers

    Faramir mounted with lance and heavy armour
    10 knights with shields
    11 fountain guards (10 shields)

    Evil was:
    Spider Queen
    1 Bat Swarm

    2 Bat Swarms
    8 Blackshields

    Both evil lists had 33% bows each and so did the dwarves.


    2nd place had Evil:
    Catapult, Troll, Engineer + Orcs

    I think Drummer and Morannons

    Good was:
    Grey Company with Twins

    and a 2nd grey company with just RotN and RoA


    1st place evil had:
    Necromancer, Spider Queen, Giant Spider
    And a Black Numenorian/Tracker force with a Marshall

    Good used was a bunch of High Elves with different types of equipment.