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Past GT Winning Army Lists, History Lesson :)

I was asked if I have any links to the past GT rankings and armylists because there isn't really anything out there on the internet about it if you're wondering what GT winning armies look like. Here's all the info I've gathered.

Note: Not all lists are entirely accurate, but it's roughly what they were. I've been updating my armylist file since about 2009 and got all lists I could get.

LotR UKGT Singles List of Winners:
2003 - Mick Rood (UK)
2004 - Vesa Nenye (Finland)
2005 - Vesa Nenye (Finland)
2006 - Vesa Nenye (Finland)
2007 - Vesa Nenye (Finland)
2008 - Vesa Nenye (Finland)
2009 - Michal Molenda (Poland)
2010 - Tom Moore (UK)
2011 - Mikolaj Bakalarz (Poland)
2012 - Edward Ball (UK)

The oldest list I've had access to belongs to Vesa in the 2004 GT, the non-LoME era.

LotR UK Doubles GT List of Winners:
2008 - Unknown
2009 - Mikolaj Bakalarz (Poland) & Wojciech Filipowicz (Poland)
2010 - Craig Johnson (UK) & James Braund (UK)
2011 - Tom Moore (UK) & Harry Moore (UK)
2012 - Vesa Nenye & his friend (apologies for forgetting the name). Winning list was illegal, but it was only found to be so after the tournament, so unfortunately the title could not be stripped.


2004 GT

Army composition: Player gets 1000 points to spend between 2 forces in whatever way they want, so having 550 and 450 forces is fine.

Relief Force
Take and Hold
Pitched Battle


Winning Good:
Legolas Armour
Haldir Armour, Elf Bow
1 Captain of Rohan, Heavy Armour, Horse, Shield
8 Haldir's Elves, Armour, Elf Bow, Elf Blade
5 Riders of Rohan, Throwing Spear
14 Warriors of Rohan, Shield

Total 30 models, 476 points (during the RotK edition some models had different point values. Now it would be 501)

Winning Evil:  
Sharku Shield
Grishnakh Shield
9 Warg Riders, Throwing Spear, Shield (they cost just 12 pts back then! :))
4 Uruk Hai Berserkers
11 Uruk Hai with Crossbows (they cost 12 too...)
9 Orc Warriors with Spears

Total 36 models, 524 points (Now it would be 540)

Report by the winner (in Finnish language, the 2 pdf files under the link):

Thanks to Valpas from One Ring for providing this information.


2005 GT:
At the moment unknown, but probably the same or similar as 2004. This GT still used the RotK edition because ORB came out in summer 2005 while GT was earlier that year.


2006 GT

600pts with 50 model limit
Scenarios from the main rulebook:
Relief Force
Take and Hold
Pitched Battle

These aren't exact lists, but they are as accurate as I remember them, the file was on my old computer which is gone now.

Legolas, Elven Cloak
Haldir, Bow
Rohan Captain on Horse
2 Riders of Rohan with Throwing Spears
22 Warriors of Rohan with Throwing Spears and Shields (1 without)
12 Elves with Longbows and Spears

I remember that the force had something like 17 or 18 elven shots in it and Rohan was the main infantry.

1/3 Crossbowmen
About 1/3 Warg Riders
1/3 Orcs with spears supporting the Crossbowmen

Again, numbers not accurate, but the general idea of the force is the same as the one that won the 2004 GT.


2007 GT

The LoME Era begun in 2007. Points limit: 700 per army.
Contest of Champions
Clash of Piquets
Meeting Engagement


The winning armies:
Gandalf the Grey
12 Dunedain with Spears
62 Hobbits (20 bowmen, rest of points spent on as many Sheriffs as possible and then Militia to fill up the model limit).

I remember losing to this force in round 7 of that GT, having been 2nd in points at that stage... won my last game and finished 7th overall though.

3 Spider Queens
Goblin Captain
12 Warg Riders
Goblins - as many as you can get, but to save points your front liners do not have shields


2nd Place finisher had Gondor, and Mordor but I don't have exact armylists:

Legolas on Horse
Beregond on Horse
Faramir on Horse with Lance
5 Knights of MT
Rest filled with mainly Fountain Guard with shields and Citadel Guards with Longbow and Spear

Total about 45 models

Evil included Witch King on Fell Beast, some Warg Riders, Morannons and Orcs, don't have exact numbers.


3rd Place had 2 all-hero armies:

Aragorn on Horse
Boromir Captain of the White Tower with Lance on Horse
Gandalf the Grey on Horse (or Shadowfax?)
Glorfindel Lord of the West on horse

If there are any unfilled points then there was some additional equipment to them, but those were the 4 models.


Witch King on FB
Khamul on FB
2 Unnamed Wraiths on FB (at the time there were only 2 named ones)


2008 GT

In 2008 again the winner was Vesa, it was his 5th and last time. 700pts per army.

Contest of Champions
High Ground
Meeting Engagement

Winning Armylist:
Exactly the same Shire list as in 2007

5 Spider Queens
Goblin Captain
Rest filled with Goblins (again front line no shields)


2nd Place had 3 Spider Queens with Mordor. I don't have any data on 2nd and 3rd place armies otherwise.

Link to a Polish Language Tournament Report (Google Translate does miracles these days ;) by myself:,Przybylem-Zobaczylem-i-nie-uwierzylem-wlasnym-kosciom.html

By my friend who finished 10th:,Raport-bitewny-z-UK-GT.html


2008 Doubles

Doubles begun and has since used the 2x350pts per player of both Good and Evil, forming up two 700pts forces together.

Take the middle, start in the corners
Evil take the centre, good defend it
Evil escape the board
Pitched Battle


Winners had:
4x Spider Queens + 5 Orcs in one force
1x Spider Queen + lots of Orcs in the other

Good lists unknown.


2nd Place had
Dwarves with Gimli in one force
Wood Elves with Legolas in the other

Harad with Chieftain
Mordor with Mouth of Sauron


3rd Place:
Dwarves with Gimli
Wood Elves with Legolas


Although I'm not entirely sure about the evil lists, I would have to ask Lithorlorn (TLA).

Link to a Polish Language Tournament Report by myself:,Relacja-z-UK-Doubles-Grand-Tournament-.html


2009 GT

After much debate and many emails to the events team, the Spider Queen has officially been counted as a Named Hero in this GT and ever since. Many other events around the world followed with that rulling.

Scenarios same as in 2008.


1st Place:
Saruman the White
Gamling with Royal Standard
20 Outriders on foot
2 Outriders mounted
10 Fountain Guards with Shields
6 Knights of MT with Shields (or without?)

Total 41 models. After this GT, again through emails from the players, the official rulling of the GT changed that Outriders could not benefit from Gamling's Banner's rule.

Shadow Lord on Horse
Morannon Orc Catptain
6 Trackers on Wargs
14 Trackers on foot
21 Morannon Orcs
20 Orcs with Spears

Total 64 models.


2nd Place:
Saruman the White
Dwarf Captain
14 Khazad Guards
7 Dwarves with Shields
4 Rangers of the North on Horses
16 Rangers of Arnor with Spears

Total 43 models.

Suladan on Horse with a Bow
Shadow Lord on Horse
21 Haradrim with Bows
23 Haradrim with Spears
16 Corsairs with Shields
6 Serpent Riders

Total 68 models


3rd Place:
Saruman the White
Forlong the fat on Horse
Beregond on Horse
2 Rangers of the North on Horses
8 Rangers of Arnor with Spears
9 Citadel Guards with Spears
18 Fountain Guards with Spears
1 Knight of MT

Total 41 models


Dragon with Tough Hide and Fly
Haradrim Chieftain with Bow
15 Haradrim with Bow
32 Haradrim with Spears

(something along those lines, not 100% sure on the exact numbers)


Part 1 of the winner's report (again in Polish):,Veni-Vidi-Vici-czyli-jak-zdobylismy-Anglie-raporty-z-UKGT-cz.-4.html
Part 2 of the winner's report:,Veni-Vidi-Vici-czyli-jak-zdobylismy-Anglie-cz.-2-raporty-z-UKGT.html


2009 Doubles:

Scenarios were the same as in 2008, but in the 3rd one the Good side had to escape instead:


Aragorn and Twins all on Horses

Gimli, Gandalf, Legolas

6 models, but 3 Major wins and 1 Minor win

1st force:
Mouth of Sauron
20 Morannon Orcs with Shield
5 orcs with Spear
12 Orcs with Spear and Bow

2nd force:
Orc Captain on Warg
Shaman on Warg
Orc Drummer
12 Warg Riders with shield
1 Warg Rider with Throwing Weapon
2 Warg Riders with Shield and Throwing

Total 56 models, 4 Might. 1 Major win, 1 Minor win, 1 draw, 1 Major loss.


2nd place:
Wood Elves with Legolas
Dwarves with Gimli

Harad with Suladan


3rd place:
Ghan + Woses
Faramir, Beregond, Knights of MT and Citadel Guard with longbows mounted

The winners report, again in Polish, written by me:,UK-Doubles-2009-Raport.html


2010 GT:

Ill Met By Moonlight
To Kill a King


1st Place:

Elladan and Elrohir+ Horses+Heavy armour+ Elf Bows.
15 Elf warriors+ Shield
4 Elf warriors + Elf Bow + spear
Legolas+ elven cloak
12 Wood elves+ spear.
5 Wood elves+ spear + throwing daggers.
8 Wood elves+ spear + Elf Bow
Ranger of the North.
1 Ranger of Arnor+ spear  

49 models

Black guard Captain. Shadow Lord +Fell beast. 
Spider Queen 

20 Morannon orcs +shield
19 Orcs Warriors +shield +spear
2 Orc Warriors + spear
10 Orc trackers
3 Orc Warriors+ Spear +Orc Bow
1 Orc Tracker+ Warg
1 Wild warg

59 models


2nd Place:
Ghan Buri Ghan
16 Rohan Warriors with Bows
16 Rohan Warriors with Shields and Throwing Spears
11 Rohan Warriors with Shield
5 Rohan Warriors
16 Woses Warriors

67 Models

Saruman on Horse
Shadow Lord
17 Uruk Hai Crossbowmen
18 Orc spearmen
16 Orcs with nothing

54 models


3rd Place


Dwarf Captain + Shield
10 Elf Archers + spear
20 Wood Elves + spear (2 with daggers as well)
10 Khazad Guards
10 Dwarves + shield
10 Dwarf archers

61 models

2 Goblin Captains (1 shield)
15 Prowlers
55 Goblins (23 bow, 7 shield, 25 spear)

74 models


Top 10 armies included:

1. Wood Elves + High Elves / Mordor+Nazgul (SL+FB) - 215
2. Rohan + Woses + Saruman / Isengard + Nazgul (SL) - 200
3. Wood Elves + Dwarves / Moria + Nazgul (SL+FB) - 200
4. Wood Elves / Harad + Corsair + Nazgul (SL +H) - 195
5. Wood Elves / Mordor (Black Num) + Nazgul (SL+FB/DM+FB) - 191
6. Gondor + Woses + Saruman + Legolas / Isengard + Nazgul (SL+H) - 191
7. Wood Elves / Mordor + Nazgul (SL/Und) - 191
8. Wood Elves / Mordor (Black Num) + Nazgul (KoU+FB/DM+FB) - 190
9. Woses + Rohan + Saruman / Corsairs + Nazgul (SL+FB) - 186
10. Woses + Gondor + Legolas / Mordor + Nazgul (SL+FB) + SQ - 181

 Tournament Report (in Polish) by the 2nd place finisher:,UKGT-2010-raport.html 


2010 Doubles:

1st place:

Aragorn and Twins all on Horses
Boromir, Faramir, Beregond and KoMT with Banner, all on horses

Spider Queen with Dol Guldur
Moria with a ton of goblins

2nd place:
Aragorn and Twins all on Horses
Grey Company with RotN and RoA only

English Language report:


2011 GT:

Contest of Champions
Ill Met By Daybreak (same set up as IMbM but play to 25% reduction, no vision rules)
Storm the Camp
Take and Hold

1st Place:

2 Rangers of the North
2 Outriders

18 Fountain Guard with Shield
2 Fountain Guard
10 Citadel Guard Spear Bow
8 Rangers of Arnor Spear

Total 45 models

Shadow Lord Horse
Golden King
18 Corsairs with Shield
18 Harad Spearmen
10 Harad Bows
11 Harad Bows/Spears
6 Harad Riders Warspears

Total 65


2nd Place:

Twins on Horses, Heavy Armour, Bows
13 Elves, Heavy Armour, Shield
12 Elves, Bows, Spears
7 Elves, Shield, Spear
6 Elves, Shield
1 Elf, Bow

Total 42


Shadow Lord, Horse
Nazgul 2/8/1, Horse
Spider Queen
Orc Taskmaster
17 Morannon Orcs, Shields
18 Orcs, Shield, Spear
8 Orc Trackers
7 Orcs with Bow and Spear

Total 54


3rd Place:

Legolas, Haldir, Wood Elves (exact list unknown)

Mumak, Tusk Weapons, Gnarled Hide
Khamul on Fell Beast
Knight of Umbar on Fell Beast


Other top 10 included:

4th: Wood Elves, Grey Company / Moria, Spider Queen, SL horse
5th: Arnor, Malbeth, Twins, Glorfindel / Harad, Corsairs, SL, WK
6th: Wood Elves, Dwarves, Saruman / Mordor, SQ
7th: Galadhrim / Mordor
8th: Galadhrim / Moria, Cave Drake
9th: Gondor / Moria
10th: Wood Elves / Mordor

English Language Report:


2012 GT:

Meeting Engagement
Contest of Champions


1st Place:

4 Ringwraiths on Fell Beasts (Khamul, Undying, Knight of Umbar, Betrayer)


Aragorn Mounted
Gandalf the Grey Mounted
Glorfindel Lord of the West Mounted
Boromir Captain of the White Tower Mounted


2nd Place:

Betrayer on Fell Beast (General)
Witch King (3/10/2)
Haradrim Chieftain with a Bow
18 Corsairs with Shields
20 Haradrim with Spears
12 Haradrim with Bows
7 Haradrim with Bows and Spears

Total 700pts, 60 models, 20 bows, 7 Might

Saruman (General)
2 Rangers of the North on horses
1 Ranger of the North
12 Rangers of Arnor with Spears
20 Guards of the Fountain Court with Shields
10 Citadel Guards with Longbows and Spears

Total 700pts, 47 models, 26 bows, 7 Might
3rd Place:

English Language Report:
2012 Doubles GT:
Please note that the winning list of the 2012 Doubles GT used by Vesa Nenye was ILLEGAL. One of the players had Twins and an Arnor Captain and 3 warbands of warriors - this is not allowed due to Twins not being able to split between warbands. Unfortunately nobody spotted that until after the tournament, so we're all at fault here and it would be unfair to blame only the referees, as players have failed too.
Hopefully future tournaments will not have this situation again.

To The Death
Hold Ground!

1st Place:

Arnor & White Countcil (Gandalf/Saruman/Glorfindel)

4 Spider Queens, Goblins & Isengard with Saruman


2nd Place:

Gondor & White Council (Gandalf/Saruman/Glorfindel)

Unknown evil

3rd Place:

6 Nazgul on Fell Beasts

Unknown good


  1. Hi I would like to know where to find an up to date version of model types that have changed (spamming reasons) i.e. has the spider queen reverted back to un-named character? and are there any new rules that people should be made aware of for this years (2016) tournament? thanks

    1. Hi. Firstly, are you a member of the Great British Hobbit League? If not, I would highly recommend joining:
      The league runs about 20 tournaments per year across the UK these days and you can ask questions as to all latest rules and armylists there.

      I'm not entirely up to date with LotR currently, but I know that Spider Queen's points cost has been altered to balance her out.

      In terms of rules, I would suggest getting acquinted with the latest version of The Hobbit: SBG and its supplements.

  2. Is spider queen a named character in this years tournament (2016)