Friday, 30 November 2012

European Team Championships in LotR/Hobbit

This is a message promoting the organisation of the ETC in LotR/Hobbit. If you're reading this and you are interested please share on your country's forums if it has not been done yet and please email Lemur below. To keep up the hobby we all love we need to unite and make it our own. The ETC has been organised by Warhammer, 40k and Flames of Wars communities many times in the past and it would be a shame if we, LotR players would not be able to do it. Spread the word.


Dear Lord Of The Rings Players!

At the beginning I have to apology for my poor English, and I hope, that this information will be understandable for everyone ;) I also have a little request- write any post in this discussion in English, so players from every country can understand what we are talking about.

As most of you possibly know, for many years Warhammer FB and Warhammer 40k players are organizing an event called European Team Championship(ETC). Despite of the name, this is a tournament, where they’re playing World Team Championship in both that games. Why we don’t have such a great event?

The answer is simple- nobody ever tried to organize it. Since whole initiative comes from players, not from Games Workshop, we have to make it on our own. Because ETC 2012 took place in Poland, last summer I tried to negotiate with TO’s some place for LOTR players on that event. Unfortunately Flames of War community was quicker than me, and I had to resign from this idea. Because of the mess after this year championship I don’t think it’s good idea to join the existing event.

We, players from Poland, discussed a lot about this initiative last summer, and this year it have returned to our minds. Many ideas about organizing something like this comes from that conversations. But it can’t to be a decision of just one country . Our wish is to make it international, maybe even worldwide event so players from every country interested in taking part of it, should have an opportunity to discuss and say something about organization. In that case, we’d like to make a suggestion.

In WFB and WH40k decisions about every edition of ETC are taken by captains of national teams. For obvious reasons we don’t have people like them in our society yet. In this case, to make our discussion easier and more readable, we’d like you ask every interested country’s players to choose some kind of representative in the next two weeks. It’s totally irrelevant how will you choose him or if it will be a player, a TO, or maybe the most known guy from your forum. The most important thing is other players approval, and willingness to take part in discussion about organizing our own version of ETC. For example I was chosen, because most players in Poland are too lazy or don’t have time, and because it was mostly my idea ;D

What’s the point of this idea? We will have a discussion about, where event like this should take place, to clarify some rules, restrictions, point limit, number of players in team- in a shortcut we’d create a rulespack for, I hope, the biggest LOTR event in history. I belive that many countries will be interested in taking part in this project, and in 2013 we can meet together on the international championship of our beloved game ;)

If you are interested in this discussion, we’d like to invite your chosen representatives on:
After registration send a Private Message with a name of country you represent to user emo. who will be an admin of this site. Because some forums have restricted access, and only the representatives have an opportunity to write there, users who will send this PM will also be granted needed permissions. Of course everyone can read what we are writing there and the rest of forum is open, so feel free to comment our discussion.

If you have any questions or doubts- just post it, I’ll try to answer all of it.

Jakub „Lemur” Siedlecki, Representative of Poland in the „ETC discussion”

P.S. Because this is not the only forum, where I have posted this information, I may not be able to answer your questions every day. If I won’t answer for more than 24 hours e-mail me at with information on which forum you wait for my response, and I will check it instantly.

P.P.S. If your country have it’s own LOTR forum which I couldn’t find, and you will inform your native players about our initiative, feel free to pass my information there. Than e-mail me an address of this site. I’ll add it to my daily checking list and answer all questions from that site too


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