Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Misty Mountains Army

Some people asked me for photos of my army and what I usually use in games.

1000 Points Armylist:

6x Goblins Shields

6x Goblins Shields
6x Goblins Shields
4x Giant Spiders
4x Giant Spiders
4x Wild Wargs
5x Wild Wargs

Total 990, 7 Might.

Army variations:
(If Proxying allowed, swap as many Goblin companies to Blackshields)

1500 Points Variations:
- Add Dragon with Magic and 1 more company
- Add Mumak, Gothmog, Palantir, 1x Bat Swarm and 1x Bat Swarm, all for the Mumak/Overlord Combo
- Add Giant and Mumak
- Add Giant and 2 Ringwraiths
- Add 3 Ringwraiths and 1 extra formation of 6x Goblins (probably archers)




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  2. at 1500pts, its having only durburz and druzhag easily viable? it seems too risky not having a 3rd, not to mention the 3rd formation of blackshields will slow down the army. For 1500pts wouldnt dropping 1c and adding in thrydan be better if you were also taking the dragon?

  3. *it seems too risky not having a 3rd HERO, not to mention the 3rd formation of blackshields.....

  4. In all 1500 versions other than 2xGiants, Mumak/Giant and Dragon there is at least 3rd Hero. Probably taking Thrydan is a good idea, but it depends on the tournament restrictions that are in use (some tourneys ban allies, as officially should've been the case with the GT - according to the rulespack - but people didn't notice that line in the rulespack for the tournament and only because most players had allies, it wasn't a problem. Most likely next GT will be a no-ally tournament and then you have to fight with what Misty Mountains have as their basis ;))

    Another tourney I've been to disallowed allies to Moria if both Durburz and Druzhag were present, which is a bit stupid, but that's tough.

    The 3rd formation moving slower isn't generally a problem because it allows me to fall back with Druzhag after the initial two get to combat and 8" with ignoring terrain is still relatively fast.

    Thanks for the comments

  5. The reason Im asking about having 3 heros is cause I cant use most of your 1500pt lists cause my club has a magic limit of 5. I want to have the dragon in my list cause i dont have giants or mumaks and cant fit in more than 1 ringwraith.
    thrydan fits well into the list, but i want to know, how necessary are the wargs? cause i could get gothmog or thrydan and the tainted palantir if i dropped a formation of them.
    (btw this is shadowswarm :))

  6. I find that a 2nd formation of wargs is not essential, but it can be useful in many cases, if only as a blocker. Usually opponents get to shoot at one of the cav formations due to the set up so I just like having more so that any front losses are restored by the back ranks. I guess you could have Dragon and Gothmog - in fact that provides a 2nd Overlord for the Dragon, so effectively you get 8 Might for Heroic Combats and Duels which is pretty cool (especially with just level 5 limit - with no limit I tested and it doesn't work... in fact the Dragon itself just doesn't work against no-limit armies).

  7. Instead of your current 1500pt armies, have you thought of getting like 2 or 3 extra formations of goblins (or something like that, maybe morranons) so that you can just throw everything at the enemy and still have a sizable reserve force.

  8. Yeah, but I don't see myself painting another 100-150 Goblins, I'm already fed up with painting... plus the army would be boring as hell, I want something that doesn't just win but also gives me fun playing. I guess you could make a case for it competitively though, but it would simply not be worth the time and effort in my opinion.