Thursday, 27 August 2009

1st at the UK Doubles GT 2009

On the 12th July Voitek and I were crowned the LotR UK Doubles Champions. I was gonna write a report, but I guess that's not gonna happen any time soon. A Polish Version with all the photos is available here:,UK-Doubles-2009-Raport.html

War of the Ring - well, I am disappointed now. At the beginning it seemed like a great system, everybody wanted to play it, all I did for 3 months prior to Doubles GT was playing WotR but then... for a month I haven't had a single game and nobody seems to care about this game anymore. The amount of loopholes is overwhelming and people just refuse to play it anymore. GW did a good job with an idea, but complete lack of support for the game for so long is awful. I only hope they fix all the bugs as soon as possible to make make it a playable game.

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